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How do I update the firmware on my IsatPhone Pro?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2017 03:05PM IST


This firmware version is only suitable for IsatPhone Pro handsets identical to the unit pictured.

From time to time it may be necessary to upgrade your phone in order to improve its functionality and operation.

The current firmware version for IsatPhone Pro is V5.17.2.

You can check the firmware version installed on your handset by going to Menu > Settings > About

Upgrading your IsatPhone Pro

The firmware upgrade will be successful with or without the SIM inserted in your phone.  Upgrades can be forward- and backward-compatible and can be loaded non-consecutively.   Your personalised settings, for example PINs, contacts, organiser etc are unaffected by an upgrade. However, the contact synchronisation tool is available if you wish to create a backup of your contacts.

During an upgrade, your phone is powered from the USB connection. However, a minimum battery charge level is required to power on and to begin the upgrade.  If the upgrade is interrupted, your phone remains in upgrade mode and the upgrade should be restarted. Your phone will remain in upgrade mode until the upgrade has been successfully implemented.

The IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade Tool is compatible with PC only.

Before starting the firmware upgrade tool, ensure that your phone is not connected to your PC.
  1. Download Firmware Upgrade Tool, Drivers and Firmware file attached below

  2. Select Start > Programs > IsatPhone Pro > Firmware Upgrade Tool > Firmware Upgrade Tool

  3. Browse and select the .fpk file (upgrade image file)  If the file is not valid, for example an incorrect file has been selected or your phone is connected to the PC, an error message will appear.

  4. Connect your IsatPhone to your PC with the supplied USB cable.  If your phone is not switched on, switch it on now.  When your phone is connected to your PC, the Start upgrade button is enabled, IsatPhone is connected and Ready to upgrade is displayed in the status field.

  5. Click Start Upgrade to begin the IsatPhone firmware upgrade.  If your phone is disconnected or an error has occurred during the upgrade, an error message is displayed.  Correct and repeat the upgrade until successful.

  6. On 100% completion of upgrade, Device upgraded successfully is displayed in the status field.  Your phone is now successfully upgraded.

  7. Click Finish to close the application.  Your phone will automatically restart and enter the charging mode as the USB is still connected.

  8. Remove the USB cable from your IsatPhone.  Your phone is ready to use.

Having Problems?

Sometimes when trying to upgrade the IsatPhone Pro, your computer may not recognize the phone has been plugged in.  To check this you will need to go to Control Panel > Device Manager on your Windows computer. Here you should see the IsatPhone Pro listed in the "Ports" or in "Other Devices" section.  If it has a small yellow triangle listed next to this, then the phone is not installed correctly.  To rectify this follow the instructions below:
  1. Right click on the item and select "Update Driver Software".
  2. Select the option to search your computer manually.
  3. Locate the folder that you have downloaded for the USB drivers.
  4. Select this folder and make sure "Include sub folders" is selected if the option is available.
  5. Press "Next" and the driver installation should begin.
  6. Once complete, restart your computer and try the upgrade tool again.

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