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How do I set-up an IsatPhone data connection?

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 12:01PM IST

The IsatPhone Pro can be used to set-up a basic satellite data connection at speeds of up to 9.6kbps.  This is only really suitable for sending and receiving short plain text emails.  To set-up the connection:

Download and extract the IsatPhone Pro USB Drivers, Firmware Upgrade Tool and latest Firmware from: 

Open the folder called “usb_drivers” and then open the application called “Setup”. Follow the on‐screen instructions and once it shows finished, restart your computer. After the computer has restarted, connect your IsatPhone Pro to your computer (at this time if the phone was powered off it will now turn on once it is connected)

The IsatPhone Pro will now install a modem automatically upon connecting.

Click on Start and then right click on Computer and select Manage. Locate and select Device Manager.  Locate the Ports section and double click it to show the different ports connected. Locate the one that says “IsatPhone Pro 1.0 Serial Interface” It will show you the (Com) Number to the right off that. (Remember this number)

Go to Control Panel> Phone and Modem Options> Modems tab. Select the IsatPhone Pro 1.0 Modem and click on Properties.

Locate and click on the “General” tab and click on “Change Settings” (Now you will be able to edit and change information in the properties tabs)

To the right of the General tab you will see another Modem tab, select it. Change the Maximum Port Speed to 2400.

To setup a new connection we now need to go to Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network & Sharing Centre > Set up a new connection or network.

In the Dial up Connection window, Create a new Dial Up Connection. Select the IsatPhone Pro 1.0 Modem. Make the Connection Name “IsatPhone Pro Modem”. Dial‐Up Phone Number will be “28”. Make the User Name and Password: INMARSAT (both all caps) then click “Connect” (If it fails and asks to “set up connection anyway” select to do so.)

Locate your Network Settings and go into the properties for this connection.

Under the “General” tab please click on “Configure...” Set the Maximum speed (bps) to 2400. In the same window under “Hardware features” makes sure that “Enable hardware flow control”, “Enable modem error control”, and ”Enable modem compression” are all checked and active then hit “OK” at the bottom.

Go to the “Options” tab and under “Dialling Options” check all of the options except for “Include Windows logon domain” Under “Redialling options” set the “time between redial attempts” to “2 minutes” and the “Idle time before hanging up” to “never” then click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

Now your data connection is set up and ready to connect for data service. Go back to the dial‐up connection and connect to the IsatPhone Pro Modem. 

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